Use the winter months to inspire yourself, learn more about this business, and connect with other growers.

There are quite a few events for growers coming up that provide excellent environments for education and insight. We have always found hemp conferences and expos to be a great way to restart your motivation after a long growing season and they’re a great place to learn the latest and greatest tricks of the trade. There are endless opportunities to meet up with experts and peers who might have just the solution you’ve been looking for, to include advances in growing technology that could help you up your game in 2023.

There are quite a few reasons you might consider attending a trade show in 2023.

  1. Show off your brand! Wear a hat, shirt, button, or other brand-wear that promotes your operation. You’d be amazed at how often this can catalyze a great conversation!
  2. Network with both experts and with other growers. This is a great way to share practical tips and learn new methods and techniques to try out.
  3. Find partners! This could be a fantastic place to connect with post- harvest processors that you need to monetize your grow.
  4. Learn about the competition and the marketplace so you can better position yourself for success.
  5. Educate yourself about industry trends and the impacts of politics and policies.
  6. Get exposure to new technologies and data that can help you grow more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  7. Develop in-depth knowledge about the best business practices so you can reduce liability and maximize your operational budget.

Every year, we see more and better industry trade shows as the cannabis industry matures. There are far too many to list them all here, so we urge growers to do a little online sleuthing to find the event that best fits your interests, schedule, and budget. Booking early can sometimes save you some money and allow plenty of time to plan out your travel and accommodation. Here’s a brief sampling of five top notch forums that might be of interest to you, listed in 2023 calendar order:


Ten thousand visitors are expected for this Fort Lauderdale extravaganza March 3-5. This trade show will showcase more than 400 exhibitors who will share innovations and product developments related to both home growing and ag enterprises. The CBD-centric attendees offer a unique networking experience for CBD hemp growers. Enjoy expo-only product discounts and soak up the authoritative perspectives as more than 50 professional speakers share their expertise.

Connecticut Cannabis Expo

There will be lots to keep the CBD hemp grower interested and engaged at the Earth Convention Center in Mohegan Sun. On March 25-26, this outstanding trade show seeks to unite vendors, medical professionals, CBD product distributors, and more. There will also be emphasis on the cannabis political climate, industry projections, and business opportunities. Admission price is very affordable for visitors. More information can be found here.

NoCo Hemp Expo

The incomparable setting of Colorado Spring’s legendary Broadmoor resort provides the backdrop for the NoCo 9 Hemp Expo. Billed as “the world’s most comprehensive industrial hemp exposition and conference”, this blockbuster will be held March 29-31. Early bird tickets are on sale now at significant savings. The agenda features an expansive expo hall, a series of truly exceptional presentation topics, and networking functions. There are still booths and volunteer opportunities available, too.

CBD & Hemp Wholesale World

If your focus is more on improving your business operations and business growth, this might be just right for you. With more than 300 speakers and an expected 10,000 attendees, this gathering promises content on sourcing new products, becoming an online entrepreneur, and selling online to become an industry leading brand. More than 400 suppliers will be on hand with a spectrum-spanning display of products and services. This event will be held in Las Vegas May 3-4; details here.

CannaCon Midwest Expo

Though it’s primarily focused on marijuana, there is some helpful technique overlap with CBD hemp growing at the CannaCon series which are held in several US locations next year. The Midwest expo will be October 6-7 in Detroit. Some topics of interest include cultivation supplies, industry innovations, operational advice, retail display, extraction technology, branding, and more. Click here if you’re ready to head to Motown!

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