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Mountain Mango Feminized Hemp Seed

Mountain Mango is some of the sweetest hemp we’ve tasted. It sets bud really quick. Great calyx development, frosty and sticky.

Our seed price is based on the estimated CBD to THC ratio that we determine is accurate for each strain. A higher ratio means greater yield of CBD (see the ratio table here). We charge $0.10 per point. Our Mountain Mango has tested out to be a 28:1 strain, so the price per seed starts at $3.50​ and moves down to $2.80 in quantities of 1,000 to 4,000.

To purchase from our online store, select the amount and quantity of seeds you want and click the Add to cart button below.

Feminized Hemp Seed Pricing

Online Purchase
10 Seed Pack$50
50 Seed Pack$200
100 Seed Pack$350
100-900 Seeds$3.50 each (purchase online in 100 Seed Packs)
1,000-4,000 Seeds (call for pricing and to purchase)
more than 4,000 Seeds(call for pricing and to purchase)

Price includes USPS Priority 2nd-day​ shipping and applicable tax. Additional shipping insurance is extra.

Germination Rate

The germination rate for this current lot of seed is 90%, so we add 10% to any order of Mountain Mango to make up for that. If the order is for 1,000 seeds we will ship 1,100 seeds.

Call Reed Mason at 719-217-0207 for more information.

AnalytesApproximate Ratio

Note on Our Indoor Grow

​For research purposes,​ we grow our hemp plants under the most ideal conditions that we can produce. Our nutrient plan includes premium fertilizers, CO2 enrichment, rock wool media and many other products and techniques we have acquired over the years for maximum flower production and potency. We also flower our hemp with 12 hours of light, which won’t occur outside in the field north of Florida and the Gulf coast. The images on this page and the test results come from that grow.

hemp seed flower indoor growth photo

Fresh Mountain Mango Flower

Fresh On The Stem

Cured and Trimmed Flower

hemp seed flower terpene profile chart