Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company is dedicated to developing and producing the highest quality hemp strains and feminized seed.  Where science and technology compliment experience and passion.

What Makes Our Feminized Hemp Seed Different?


Guaranteed Plant Count Germination

Starter Packs– The germination rate for our Feminized Hemp seed exceeds 90%, depending on the batch. We add 10% to any seed Starter Pack to make sure our customers have all the plants they planned for. If the order is for 100 seeds we will ship 110 seeds.

Bulk Orders – We guarantee a 100% germination plant count on all of our bulk orders.  We extensively test the germination rate for each of our bulk batches.  If the batch’s germination rate is 93% we add an additional 7% to the order.  For example, if the bulk order is for 10,000 seeds with a 93% germination rate we will ship 10,700 seeds.

S1 Feminized Hemp Seed

S1 seeds are the first selfed generation grown from the originally selected F1 phenotype.  Our Mountain Mango seed is grown using our original F1 female that we selected a couple years ago, we make our seed from the same living plant now as then.  It has proven to be a stable phenotype in the field, exhibiting consistent characteristics.  Our Quick Kush is an F1 phenotype from the same parents as Mountain Mango but exhibits an entirely different phenotype.

Our S1 Cherry Wine seed is produced from the F1 phenotype created by the breeder of Cherry Wine – “Bohdi”.  We make seed from the original living plant.  Many of the Cherry variety of seeds in the market are S2, S3, S4…. generations, not produced from the original F1, but from an S1 or other selfed generation of seed, not the original living F1 phenotype, which contributes to an unstable crop in the field.      

Separate Indoor Grow Facilities for Each Strain

We are one of the few seed companies that produce our feminized hemp seed under complete environmental control using our state-of-the-art indoor grow rooms in Colorado.  Indoor grow rooms cost more to build as well as to power the lights and air-conditioning – but we make up for it in high-quality mature seed and peace of mind.  Besides the fact that we can pamper each plant, we practically eliminate the possibility of cross-pollination, which can easily happen when seed is grown in a greenhouse or in a building with several strains grown in it.

This has been a big problem for the medical hemp industry, because every grower wants to have a crop of 100% females that exhibit a consistent phenotype.  Cross-pollination results when pollen from ‘foreign’ sources fertilize the seed stock females and produce male and female seed of unknown parentage.  Trying to produce 100% pure-strain seed in a greenhouse is risky and difficult because natural forces can bring in foreign pollen from miles away, be it from other farmer’s hemp crops, licensed and unlicensed marijuana grows or ‘ditch weed’.  We only grow our seed indoors, in environmentally controlled grow rooms.

Cross-pollination is the reason seed sold as 100% feminized will have true males in the seed mix.  It’s scientifically impossible for feminized pollen and a female plant to produce a male seed.  A true male plant is different from a female plant showing ‘hermaphroditic’ characteristics.  Any female plant grown from feminized seed (or regular seed), can show male pollen sacs mixed among the female flowers – if stressed enough during the growth cycle – but they are not true male plants with  ‘y’ chromosomes, if seeds are produced they will all be female or what we call feminized.

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company is totally committed to the success of our customer’s crops. We make every effort and spare no expense to ensure that our customers are planting the purest seed with the most consistent and stable phenotype replication.   We only offer three strains because we grow them in three totally separate facilities across Colorado Springs, one strain per building, that way we prevent cross-pollination of our seed crops within our company.

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Evaluating Hemp Strains​

If someone looking to buy hemp seeds for growing asks, “What percentage of medicine will this strain’s flower produce?”, they are asking the wrong question. This is a fact though: ​all high medicine strains will test over the legal limit of 0.3% depending on growing conditions. Some of these growing conditions are:

  • Vegetation period
  • Number of days in flower before harvesting
  • Latitude and photoperiod
  • Ambient day and night temperatures
  • Nutrient program
  • Irrigation system
  • Idiosyncrasies peculiar to the strain

​Because of the regulations we work under, it makes a lot more sense to ask the question, “What percentage of medicine will this strain’s flower produce when the legal level approaches 0.3%?”.  Unfortunately, an exact answer to that question is virtually impossible to predict. For tips and additional information, check out our resources for growing feminized hemp.

Growing conditions listed above vary day-to-day and year-to-year. Historical test results, done at least weekly, over several growing seasons at a particular location would begin to more accurately answer the question based on empirical data – but this industry is so new, data like that is very rare.

Licenses and Approvals

Colorado Dept of Agriculture
Colorado Dept of Agriculture
Arkansas Dept of Agriculture
Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture
Minnesota Dept of Agriculture
Louisiana Department of Agriculture
Alabama Department of Agriculture

Industrial Hemp Registration # 80377
Farmer Seed Labeler Registration # 0035CA
Seed Dealer/Labeler License #R-520
Approved Varieties: Mountain Mango, Cherry Wine
Annual Seed Permit #20203319
Seed Seller Permit #1776
Seed Dealer Permit #17349