Quick Kush S1 Feminized High CBD Hemp Seed

Quick Kush S1 Feminized High CBD Hemp Seed


Our Quick Kush hemp strain finishes quickly with large frosty calyxes that reek of kush like dankness.

All our Quick Kush seed is bred from our F1 genetics, at a separate grow facility from our other strains. Working from the original F1, we are producing a stable and consistent feminized seed.

Our Colorado Quick Kush strain has tested out as a 30:1 CBD:THC strain, and our pricing is based on the quantity purchased.

  • 100% feminized seed
  • early September-October harvest window
  • expect growth from 5′ to 8′ tall
  • plant on 4′ to 5′ centers (see Hemp Field Layout and Plant Count)
  • expect 2 lb – 5+ lb yield per plant
  • very structured frosty flower with dank fragrance
  • high mold, mildew and rot resistance
  • our new offering for 2020
  • uniform canopy and high vigor
  • consistent and stable phenotype

If you would like to make a bulk purchase, please contact us at (719) 217-0207 Call Now – Our sales staff is available 24/7 from March through June.

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Quick Kush S1 Feminized Hemp Seed

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20 Seed Starter Pack $100, 50 Seed Starter Pack $200, 100 Seed Starter Pack $350, 1,000 Seed Farmer Pack $1,000