Hemp Farming How-To

Hemp Farming Guides & Processes

Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company is committed to helping our customers learn the proper methods of planting, growing and harvesting hemp seeds. To that end, please use the resources below to learn more about how to grow and harvest hemp and get started on your growing journey.

Evaluating Hemp Strains
Read our hemp evaluation guide to learn more about CBD to THC ratios and how grow the best medical hemp.

Hemp Field Layout & Plant Count
The layout of your hemp farm is critical to success in growing and harvest hemp at the highest yields possible. Read our guide on hemp field layouts to learn more.

Field Testing Hemp Flower for CBD & THC
Without rigorous testing, you won’t be able to grow and harvest hemp as effectively as possible. Read our guide to field testing your hemp crop.

Hemp Field Irrigation
Ensuring proper water supply to your hemp farm is paramount to success. Read more about ensuring your hemp farming irrigation is successful.

Pre-Flower Hemp Cultivation
If you want to grow your hemp plants as large and productive as possible, you’ll want to read our guide to pre-flower hemp cultivation.

Our High CBD Strains for Hemp Cultivation

Mountain Mango

Mountain Mango is some of the sweetest hemp we've produced.  It was a proven 2019 hemp season performer.

Cherry Wine

A classic cross of The Wife X Charlotte's Cherries.  With a sweet terpene profile, it will produce a high quality flower.

Quick Kush

Quick Kush is the ideal strain for smokable flower.  It has a super dank terpene profile that creates a flavorful smoke.

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